Being born, bred and educated in Poland, I speak Polish with a dialect-free accent. As a voice-over talent based for many years in London I also record in neutral English. I am an experienced location and field sound recordist, digital restoration technician and forensic audio enhancement engineer - I work from my own and client's studios.


I have a BA degree in radio journalism from the University of Social Sciences in Warsaw and a Master of Science in Professional Communication (MSPC) from Clark University in Worcester, MA (USA).


Since 2015 I am a freelance compliance editor at one of the major kids TV channels - I audit content in terms of viewer's suitability and edit using Premiere Pro. As a sound editor I work for various London studios where I edit, cut, mix and enhance all sorts of recordings later used for broadcast, internet and IVR systems.


Oh yes... It might not be relevant here, but in my 20's and early 30's I was a professional tour guide travelling extensively all over Europe, Asia and both Americas. I like tea with milk (Yorkshire, strong, no sugar please)  listen to "The Archers" and seriously think about joining Morris dancing club! + 44 78 99 87 10 20