Born in Wroclaw, South West Poland in 1974, I am a native speaker of Polish language. As a voice talent I work bilingually recording in both Polish and English. I am trying to keep my English as neutral as possible, but having been based in England, my accent tends to drift towards British RP (received pronunciation).


Apart from my voice-over and post production work I use to be a compliance editor at Cartoon Network, freelance tour guide, journalist, interpreter, translator and a proofreader. I am a professional member of World Voices Organization, AES (Audio Engineering Society) and International Federation of Journalists.


I got my bachelor's degree in radio journalism from SAN - University of Social Sciences in Warsaw and MSPC (M. Sc. in Professional Communication) from Clark University in the USA.


As a media producer I run a small voice-over agency of mainly Polish talents. It is not a huge P2P service with hundreds of voices - we are working with a handful of selected, highly professional talents including several Polish celebrity voices. More information is available at


I am experienced in sound restoration, forensic audio enhancement, location and nature sound recording, foley sound production and video editing. + 44 78 99 87 10 20